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Lamiez Holworthy opens up about post-partum struggles

Lamiez Holworthy-Morule recently opened up about her post-partum struggles. The media personality shared a snap of herself in her baby’s nursery before she gave birth, saying she missed the baby bump.

“Woke up missing my bump. I, however, don’t like that I’m still struggling with some of the not-so-nice changes that came with pregnancy. Mainly? The hyperpigmentation — my neck, under my arms, and inner thighs are still so much darker than the rest of my body.”

In her mentions, other mommies shared their experiences and assured the first-time mom that it takes time to bounce back.

Lamiez Holworthy

”It takes 36 months to fully recover from a pregnancy. You are gorgeous, momma,” replied one.

”I can relate. A year later still find it hard to recognize myself in the mirror because of the physical and emotional changes. However, I look at my lil’ one and realize I went through/still going through this phase because of my God-given superpower to bring life to this earth,” said another.

Reflecting on going back to work after giving birth, Lamiez said she was juggling a lot but the love and support she has received have helped.

Lamiez Holworthy

“First week fully back at work and I can’t explain all the emotions I’ve gone through — from the little mommy guilt that comes with leaving your little one behind to the hunger that comes with wanting to go extra harder just for him. Then there’s your body having to adapt or learn to push through the crazy hours all over again and still give every gig your all. I then look at all the love I’ve received from everyone and it makes it all a little easier,” she wrote.

Lamiez recently shared an emotional clip of her giving birth to her baby via C-section.

Lamiez Holworthy

“Seeing how much joy he’s brought to all our loved ones warms my heart. This little guy is my biggest blessing to date. My biggest flex. And just like that, I met the biggest part of me. My son Leano Zion Morule and nothing and no one else mattered,” she posted.

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