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Khanya Mkangisa – Make time to do all the things that set your soul on fire

Khanya Mkangisa – Make time to do all the things that set your soul on fire. She is enjoying her life and she is embracing the summer season too. This is the kind of weather that she prefers and it making her look like a princess. She is glowing, her body is on point.

Khanya is gorgeous and there is no doubt about that. She is smart too, the way she does her things is simply amazing. She has the talent, the looks, she is just the whole packed.

She is one of the very best when it comes to entertainment, and she is pretty much good in everything she does, hence she is a multi-tasker which leads to her multi-talent. She knows she is gorgeous that’s why she posts pictures on her Instagram that always leaves us asking for more.

now that summer has finally come we are eagerly waiting to see what our favourite celeb will offer us because we all know Khanya when she strikes she strikes with real force. You will all forced to recognise her. That’s the kind of force she has every time she posts pictures. She should all know this by now especially those who follow her on her Instagram account.

Khanya Mkangisa is one of those celebrities who are already in the weekend mood. She posted a series of pictures on her Instagram account which had a statement which clearly shows that she is ready for the weekend and she is ready to rock. Check the pictures below…

Khanya Mkangisa

Make time to do all the things that set your soul on fire.

Khanya Mkangisa

It’s always such an honour walking the runway at Fashion Week for @khosinkosi

Khanya Mkangisa

On Selimathunzi I bring you all the red carpet action from the South African Traditional Music Awards.

Khanya Mkangisa

I 💙 denim and I especially love the fit I’m wearing here which I got at the newly opened @lcwaikiki.southafrica store in Sandton City. As you can see, there are plenty, reasonably priced styles to pick from. Have a look at my IG story highlights to see what other great clothing I found, including the classic white vest I have on.

Khanya Mkangisa

Him: We should start seeing other people
Me: Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is _________ (give me a name) 🤣

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