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Kenny Kunene’s foundation hand out food parcels during the lockdown

Kenny Kunene‘s foundation has joined forces with local businesses to hand out food parcels to senior citizens and the needy in Johannesburg during the lockdown. The “Sushi King” told TshisaLIVE that he felt a sense of duty to help those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and was working with fellow businessman Andrew Panayiotou to give back.

“This is the first round of donating. We are planning on doing the second round very soon. We will be donating food parcels in different places going forward,” he said. Kunene said he was touched by the story of a woman who is raising six orphans without any grants. The woman is not related to the orphans but has chosen to take them in.

Kenny Kunene

Their parents died in the neighbourhood, so she took them in and raised them. The community is also helping her where they can, but it’s a struggle. They requested me to help them with food parcels and also help her with grant registrations for the kids so that she can meet their needs.

Kunene said he initially planned to donate food parcels only to the kind-hearted woman, but then decided to do a little more. The community leaders have a list of people who we should donate the food parcels to. We are helping old people, pensioners, child-headed families and disabled people, who need the parcels the most. We are starting a programme for donating food parcels throughout the lockdown.

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Lerato Mvelase

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Source: Timeslive