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Watch – The Fergusons finally explain why they always FIRE people from their Shows

Viewers and Fans of The Fergusons have always wanted to know why every now and then their favourite actors, actress are allegedly fired from the shows. Well, here it is, they have finally explained how it goes!

Connie and Shona Ferguson have recently come under fire for often getting rid of much-loved characters on The Queen. Connie and Shona, who own Ferguson Films, did an Instagram Q and A where they were asked why they’ve gotten into this habit. The pair said it’s all just part of the business.

Connie and Shona Ferguson

Connie and Shona Ferguson recently answered a question that has been burning in people’s minds for a while now. The pair were asked why they are always firing fave characters from The Queen during an Instagram Live with Themba Ndaba, who plays Brutus on the popular soapie.

One of the fans who was watching the live stream asked, “Why do you keep firing people?” and the pair finally opened up about the issue.

Connie and Shona Ferguson

Connie said, “Guys, this is a soap, it’s a telenovela, okay? Characters come and go. That’s how soap operates. It’s for story. Sometimes… to introduce another story but characters come and go. This is not something that is exclusive to The Queen or exclusive to Rockville or exclusive to Isibaya. It happens everywhere all the time.

Shona added, “It is what it is. I hope you’re answered. I think that’s what people don’t know. The reality of what we do is you are going to see new people in and out. It’s the nature of storytelling.”

Themba quickly responded with “Hopefully it’s not me (next)” and the duo just laughed.

Eish, ku rough!

Last week, published Ferguson Films had allegedly fired Dineo Langa, who plays Kea, from The Queen and she was distraught about it. The Fergusons then denied that Dineo was terminated and said no contracts had been renewed as yet due to the lockdown.

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Source: Mbare Times

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