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John Cena won’t take legal action against Sho Madjozi for using his name in a song

Sho Madjozi

John Cena was told by people that he should take legal action against Sho Madjozi for using his name in a song – However, the American wrestler and actor has decided he will not do that – John actually admires Sho for making her song so popular and basically said she can do whatever she wants.

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Sho Madjozi’s song, John Cena, blew up in a big way – it has gone global, sparked dance challenges and saw her gain a lot of attention. The man who inspired the title, American wrestler and actor, John Cena himself, caught wind of the song and from there, the song became even more popular as he showed Sho his support. Recently, he opened up about people saying he should consider taking legal action against the Limpopo singer because of infringement issues. However, John says he won’t do that.

Sho Madjozi

TimesLIVE reported John appeared on A Little Late with Lilly Singh and discussed how he got to know about the song and how he feels about Sho and her popular track. “So I woke up one day, flooded with messages like, ‘Man, you need to check out this link, you need to check this out right now.

Sho Madjozi

This girl is singing about you.’ I said, ‘That’s great’, and they said, ‘No it’s not, this girl is making fun of you, she’s using you in a song, you’ve got to stop this’. “So, it’s two schools of thought. Yes, she’s mentioning my name and referencing what I do for a living, and I could easily be like, ‘Yo, that’s IP copyrighting’ or I could say, ‘Wow, she is a South African artist and my contribution at WWE has sparked creative inspiration to someone halfway across the world’. She can do whatever she wants.

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Enhle Mbali Maphumulo and Black Coffee

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