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Sthembiso now knows Jerry Maake’s secret on #TheQueenMzansi

Jerry Maake and Sthembiso

Sthembiso had everyone holding their head in frustration on Wednesday night’s episode of The Queen, after he answered a private phone call to Jerry Maake and discovered his boss had cancer.

Jerry was recently diagnosed with cancer and is at an advanced stage, but has been keeping it a secret. He hasn’t even told his missus and told his Dr that he may never tell her.

Jerry Maake

He even tried to dodge the oncologist, telling the receptionist that he won’t be needing their services and wouldn’t book an appointment with them.
But the cat was out the bag when Sthembiso answered a call from the doctor while Jerry was away. He was sitting in Jerry’s office and saw the phone ringing, but instead of ignoring it he took the call.

The person on the other line spilled beans like a toddler, leaving Sthembiso shocked.


“Mr Maake, I know this is terrifying but we need to act quickly. Your cancer is quite advanced and we need to get you to the oncologist as soon as possible,” the doctor said, before dropping the call.


Fans were left shocked and confused by the call, and claimed that it must have been Mabena who called to shout without making sure it was Jerry on the other line.

Others hoped that Sthembiso wouldn’t run around and tell everyone, especially Vee, the news.

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