South African Hip Hop gets It’s first Hip Hop Museum

A first for Hip Hop and a much-needed milestone. SA Hip Hop has existed for a very long time and many respected iconic rappers have laid the foundation for many of the celebrated rappers to date.

To show how Hip Hop has grown in the country, it is only fair that a Hip Hop museum is created for all the G.O.A.T.S, both past and present, so their work can be celebrated and honored. Located in Johannesburg, Newton, the aim of the museum is to show appreciation of all the rappers and Hip Hop pioneers who have gotten the genre where it is today.

South African Hip Hop

Eight years ago, producer Rashid Kay and friends saw the need for an award ceremony that celebrated South African Hip Hop. Although the standard has been criticized they play a huge role in ensuring our artists are on top of their game. The growth and success of the genre prompted the need for them to build a Hip Hop Museum. The very first event was held last year and saw HHP amongst others honored.

Take a look at the first visuals of the museum:

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Ntsiki Mazwai

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