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iPad Mini 6 Review – The best small tablet around

The iPad Mini 6 is easily the best small tablet around, although the price will likely make it a very niche device. If it’s the size that matters, however, then the design, performance and accessory support are all fantastic here.
t’s happened – Apple has finally redesigned the iPad Mini, ditching the chunky bezels and updating it with many of the features I’ve loved on other modern iPads.

‘Mini’ devices have had something of a renaissance in Apple’s product lines recently, headlined by the iPhone 13 Mini and now the completely redesigned iPad Mini 6.

These remain niche devices, but it’s great to see that Apple is at least trying to target audiences who prefer smaller tech.

This is really the first time the iPad Mini has been redesigned, with all previous models looking very much the same. Considering the first device dates back to 2012, this freshening up has been a long time coming.
First big redesign for the iPad Mini series
60Hz LCD
USB-C replaces Lightning
Apple likes to tout many uses for the iPad Mini 6, including being a buddy for pilots, but I’d assume that the majority of folk will use it as a media consumption device, which slips into just about any bag with ease.

The iPad Mini 6 (or sixth-generation) is modelled after the latest iPad Air. It looks modern, with a screen that pushes closer to the edges and no home button in sight.

Touch ID, the main form of biometric unlocking, has been moved inside of the power button, while the volume keys are also now on the top – a change that took me a few days of use to properly get used to.

Like the iPad Air and iPad Pro, the new Mini has flat sides and a flat back. It also comes in a variety of colours, including the pinkish hue seen in the sample images included with this review.
Also like the iPad Air and iPad Pro, it replaces the Lightning port with USB-C and ditches the headphone jack, pushing you to use wireless or USB-C headphones.

Following years of the old iPad Mini design, the new look here is refreshing – and it works very well in this smaller size. The larger display (8.3-inch versus 7.9-inch) fits inside a very similar-sized body.

It’s light enough to grip comfortably in one hand for Kindle reading sessions, or for watching videos on a busy train. It will fit nicely inside a decent-sized handbag too, or a back pocket on some decidedly baggy trousers. This really does feel like the iPad that can go anywhere.

The display itself impresses less than the overall design, but I’d say that’s because I’ve been spoiled by the OLED panel on recent iPhones and the mini-LED on the big iPad Pro.

The 12-megapixel camera on the rear of the iPad Mini 6 is paired up with a small flash and takes perfectly adequate snaps. It captures plenty of detail, which makes it ideal for AR demos and capturing documents to sign.

The iPad Mini 6 runs the same version of iPadOS 15 as the cheaper iPad 9 and the pricier Air and Pro models. The experience is very much the same across the range and that can be, at times, an issue for the smallest model.

There are certain UI elements that feel overly small here, especially the widgets on the homescreen. The weather widget, for example, is dinkier than the same widget on an iPhone 13 Pro Max; the same can be said for the smallest size of widget in general. It feels like this screen needs a more bespoke version of the software.

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