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iPad Mini display drama continues

Apple fans that bought the sixth generation of iPad Mini have identified another issue with the Liquid Retina LCD display, according to a 9to5Mac report. Users have reported a manufacturing defect of the 8.3-inch panel that is causing distortion and discolouration of the screen when tapped in portrait orientation.

A user on Reddit reported the issue, indicating that there is not enough clearance between the display and the hardware beneath, causing these components to press on the panel.

There seems to be an LCD clearance issue — if you put your mini in vertical orientation push very lightly on the screen and you will see distortion and discolouration about an inch down and in from the top right,” the user said.

“On most models, this will happen in three spots along the top of the display (when vertical).” Multiple users have reported the issue in the thread, while others have said that they have not experienced the problem.

The LCD clearance issue comes after several users reported a refresh rate issue with the display termed “Jelly Scrolling” that caused one side to refresh faster than the other. Apple indicated that the scrolling issue was typical behaviour of LCD displays and would not be fixed.

Source: mybroadband

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