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In Pics: Kim Kholiwe and Faith Nketsi spends time together in New York

Kim Kholiwe and Faith Nketsi are best friends as far as their fans know and they will do anything to stay as beautiful as we all know.

Faith recently asked her instagram fans why they follow her as she now sits on 877k followers, she is the CEO of Feline Management. Her friend Kim also is sitting on 305k followers on instagram and she also had something to say to her fans, “Go where you feel most alive”.

Faith posted this picture on her instagram with Kim a they spend time together in New York. She had the caption “All we have in this world of fakes, is each other”

Faith Nketsi and Kim Kholiwe

Kim Kholiwe is a social event organiser and her events tend to draw a lot of fans. Kim and Faith were drawn into a twar a few months ago and they were being accused of selling girls for money as some fans wanted to know where they get the money to travel around the world.

Business at Feline Management must be doing very well as these two besties always rocking the best fashions and they have the bodies that fits anything they wish to wear.

Kim Kholiwe

She will make a good fire fighter, don’t you think!

Kim Kholiwe

The fire is right in front of u, firefighter

Faith Nketsi

Amazing body…


Kim Kholiwe

Falling in love with the woman I’m becoming…

Faith Nketsi

Source – News365coza/Instagram

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