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I’m worried my s.e.x video will go viral


Dear MizzB

I’m a 14-year-old girl and I’ve been chatting to a guy I met online three weeks ago. At first, he was sweet and would send me romantic messages in the morning and make me feel special.

And I was able to talk to him about anything. About two weeks ago we started s.e.xting and he convinced me to send him a video of myself m@sturbating.

My problem is that the video is now on social media and he’s not replying to any of my SMSes. What can I do to stop this video from going viral?



Hey Gal


Anyone who distributes someone’s personal s.e.xual videos on any social media platform is committing a crime!

S.e.xting may seem like a great idea, but it can have lifelong implications for your future. When a video goes viral, it’s impossible to get rid of it.

Such videos can tarnish your image and that of your loved ones, causing you all a lot of embarrassment and stealing possible opportunities for you.

You have a right to open a case against this guy. Remember that your body is precious and valuable.

Source: Daily Sun