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Huawei says its 5G technology can be green

It is time for another Huawei story, but this luckily has little to do with the United States or President Donald Trump.

Instead it has to do with sustainability, with the Chinese firm outlining a four-pronged approach in its latest Sustainability Report – digital inclusion, security and trustworthiness, environmental protection, and a healthy and harmonious ecosystem.

While those areas are quite similar to the ones highlighted by most big tech companies at the moment, the report was interesting as it also touched on Huawei’s much-talked about 5G plans. More specifically it noted that with the right solutions, the firm’s 5G technology could in fact be green one day.

This specific point was highlighted by Huawei chairman, Ling Hua, who explained that the firm has managed to reduce the power consumption per 5G site to 20 percent less than the industry average.
This has been made possible by the new Huawei chipsets, system software, professional services, and advanced hardware and heat dissipation technologies. These innovative technologies have made Huawei’s 5G more energy-efficient,” a press release sent to us explained.

 5G technology

“Energy efficiency has become a major consideration for future communications networks. We have to use less energy to transmit more data, and reduce the overall energy consumption of power systems. ICT technologies can help,” adds the chairman.

While no precise framework or deadline for the green goal has been mentioned by the company, the press statement stresses that, “With the right solutions, Huawei’s 5G will be a green technology.”

Precisely what those solutions are is also unclear, but given how much emphasis has been placed on 5G as an IoT-enabler, if a company like Huawei can ensure it’s green too, it could really prove a significant step for industry.

With 5G one of the technological pillars for South Africa’s own IoT and 4IR aims, adding sustainability to the equation could provide added incentive for local governments to get the ball rolling on the much needed spectrum allocation required for the new broadband standard.

For now though Huawei’s claims remain on paper, but we’re hoping next year’s Sustainability Report will offer up more clarity and planning on the aforementioned right solutions.

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