How To Launch Online Casino in Africa

For the longest time, Africa has been away from the light of civilization. When it did manage to pull itself together, economical and political instability has become a companion. However, the gambling industry has thrived for many years in Africa and online gambling is the new dynamic.

In this post, we’ll discover how you can start your own online casino in Africa. We’ll go through the steps and how NuxGame can help you set up to make a substantial revenue stream.

How to Launch an Online Casino in Africa

When it comes to launching an online casino in Africa, it might be overwhelming for a lot of investors. The vastly unregulated market has raised enough eyebrows over the last two decades. But if you follow the right steps from the beginning, operating and making prof from an online casino is a walk in the park in Africa.

Let’s go through the main steps of launching an online casino in Africa.

Study the Market

Before anything else, you must do thorough research on the audience you want to target. Africa as a continent is very diverse in terms of political and economical conditions. Depending on the country you are native to or you want to invest in, your approach should vary.

For example, many countries in Africa don’t allow online casinos but are friendly to sports betting. Nigeria would be a prime example in this case. On the other hand, South Africa is the hub for many international online casinos due to Government loyalty. So, do your research.

Choosing the Right Casino Software Provider

This is the part where NuxGame comes in. You must choose an onlince casino software for your African audience. Visit for details. And you cannot go with any vendor in the industry because the gambling scene in Africa is unlike anything you’ve seen so far.

For the African audience, you need a custom online casino software from igaming provider. Nuxgame is good choose in business when a gambling platform is in question. They complete Turnkey solution is perfect for online casinos across the world. This company make the necessary adjustments before delivering the solution to you. It takes as little as 48 hours to get your system ready and deploy it.

Integrating Software Providers

The next big step is getting the best games for your audience from the best software providers. When you get the software solution from NuxGame, you get company entire library of software providers to choose from. Pragmatic Play, Playson, Habanero, Vivo Gaming, Golden Race, etc. are just some of the partner providers.

Choosing the software providers according to the taste of your audience is very important. For example, sports betting is tremendously popular in Africa. And Golden Race makes the best virtual sports titles. So, having it integrated into your software is the way to go.

Getting Proper Licenses

The gambling market in Africa is not as vigorously regulated as in Europe or the USA. But there are still regulatory bodies that regulate sportsbooks and online casinos to an extent. Not all countries are equally easy to operate on.

For example, Lagos State Lotteries Board is responsible for regulating gambling in Nigeria. Similarly, National Gambling Board takes care of South Africa gambling niches. When you are making an appearance, it’s important that you have the proper licenses to carry on.

Good Payment Options

What players want the most while gambling is safety for their money. You might have a legit license from the reputed authorities but if you don’t have the right payment gateways, your business may fail.

It starts with combining safe and reputed payment service providers like VISA, MasterCard, or PayPal to work your platform. The NuxGame Turnkey solution comes with all the technical needs taken care of for your convenience.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations on your idea to start an online casino in Africa. Considering the exponential growth of the market, your endeavour might bring huge revenue for you. Let NuxGame help to start your own online casino with all the functionalities ready to go!

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