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Parliament fire: Homeless man has been made a scapegoat

The man arrested in connection with arguably the country’s most devastating fire will apply for bail when next he appears in court on the 11th of January.

Parliament has been gutted, with damage estimated to run into millions of rands.

But there are so still many questions.

Among them is the breach of security, and even if the right man has been arrested.


Here are some of the reactions from tweeps:

In other news – VIDEO of Kelly Khumalo performing rituals emerges

If it is anything that has to do with singer Kelly Khumalo, then you probably know how people are most likely going to react, there is a lot that has been questioned about Kelly.

Kelly Khumalo performing rituals

There has always been this perception that people do not understand her character and with this particular story, one would say that this proves that, in a way. Kelly did things that have led to some of the discussions happening about her right now, and it might be a new year, but there are people who do not intend on letting her off the hook. Learn More

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