Here is how to find out if you are in love or simply attracted to a person

If we ask you to revisit your college days, there will be, at least, one person whom you thought you were madly in love with but later on found out it was nothing but attraction. This is something that happens with almost all of us and it becomes hard to differentiate between the two.

So, the next time you see an attractive person in your office or college and before you self-declare it as love, and start crying yourself to sleep because your so-called love isn’t paying attention to you, here are a few ways that will help you find out if it’s love or simply attraction and save you from the unnecessary hassle.

1. Love, at first sight, is a myth
While some of you might disagree with us, the reality is that there’s nothing called love at first sight because most of the time, it’s simply attraction. See it this way. What’s the first thing you see in a person? It has to be his or her looks. And looks can’t be your criterion for falling in love. So, most of the time when you see a person and your heart starts racing, it’s attraction. Love takes time to build and you can’t consider a feeling that you get by seeing a person for once as love.

2. Love is a synonym to care
If the other person’s miseries don’t bother you but you like being around them, it goes without saying it’s nothing but attraction. Love calls for care and if the latter is missing, there are no chances you are in love with that person no matter how many flawless explanations you have to offer. Sometimes, a lot of people develop fake care just to prove themselves they are in love, this is another red flag. Care and love both come from within and if you have to pretend to have any one of the feelings, we are sorry but it’s just attraction.

3. You miss them only when alone
If you are out with your friends and the cross of your special person doesn’t cross your mind even for once and it’s only when you return to an empty house after a long day that you miss them, it’s a clear indication of attraction. Love doesn’t see time or place. If you love a person, he or she is on your mind most of the time, if not all. If you find yourself thinking about a person only when alone or when you are bored, you should give your feelings a second thought before calling it, love

Source: Fakazanews

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