Sjava Pokes fun at Cici over her Relationship Status

Sjava decided to add a little humour to his time-line after shading Cici and questioning her dating status. When the Ndidinge hitmaker posted a picture of her hand and a man’s hand on social media, indicating that it is a lover’s, Sjava attempted to ‘burst her bubble.


Cici has continuously teased her fans over a non-existent relationship between her and Donald for quiet some time. The two even had fans convinced that the two are an item. However, Cici has been rumoured to be dating again and finally finding happiness. It was even alleged that the mystery man put a ring on it.

Busisiwe “Cici” Twala

Sjava poked fun at her picture and social media laughed with him, some claiming that he is jealous. Cici did not quiet respond, but implied that she is rather happy and has moved on from her abusive relationship. She further said that people have been encouraging her to move on, but in the same breathe, they are claiming she is unhappy in her relationship.

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