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Google slashes service fees in its app store after similar move by Apple

Google will be cutting its commission on app subscriptions through the Play Store in half from January 2022, the company announced. Currently, the company charges a commission of 30% for the first year’s subscription and then 15% for renewals — Google Play’s cut for the first year will be dropped to 15%.

“Starting on January 1, 2022, we’re decreasing the service fee for all subscriptions on Google Play from 30% to 15%, starting from day one,” Sameer Samat, VP of Product Management at Google, said.

According to Google, app developers will not have to wait for subscriptions to be renewed before benefiting from the lower commission fees. Google also revealed it was making changes to its Play Media Experience programme by dropping its service fee to 10%.

The Play Media Experience programme was started to encourage audio, video, and book developers to build cross-device experiences to help grow the Android platform.

The announcement comes after Google Play Store’s primary competitor, Apple, opened its Small Business Program amid its ongoing battle with developers over its 30% App Store service fee. The programme reduces commission fees to 15% for specific app developers — including those that generate less than $1 million (R14,645,770) per year.

Source: IOL

In other news – Noxolo Grootboom receives honorary doctorate from Rhodes University

Today I feel like I am a living example to the youth.” These are the words of veteran broadcaster Noxolo Grootboom after being bestowed with an honorary doctorate at Rhodes University.

Noxolo Grootboom painting

Noxolo, who read her last news bulletin on March 30 to a whopping 3.8-million viewers, was honoured for her significant promotion of national pride and culture through her journalistic career over 37 years. Learn more

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