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Elon Musk reveals when superhuman AI will come into existence

Tech billionaire and CEO SpaceX Elon Musk has raised alarm about superhuman artificial intelligence (AI) — smarter than human beings on Earth — that could come into existence by 2025.

The 52-year-old Musk expressed his thoughts during a live interview on his social media platform X, former Twitter. According to the Guardian, superintelligence is defined as being smarter than people’s combined ability to resolve any task, whereas superhuman is about being above the individual in terms of mental abilities.

Earlier, Musk — who also started his own company xAI competing with OpenAI — claimed that such intelligence would come by 2029.

superhuman artificial intelligence

“My guess is that we’ll have AI that is smarter than any one human probably around the end of next year,” the former CEO of X said. He also added: “Last year it was chip-constrained. People could not get enough Nvidia chips. This year it’s transitioning to a voltage transformer supply. In a year or two, it’s just electricity supply.”

The prediction also underlined how the powers shortage and and highly advanced AI chips could strain the development of such intelligence. Musk had earlier been voicing his concerns about the threats AI could pose to humanity.

In 2023, while speaking at xAI underlining the unrestrained development, he said: “If I could press pause on AI or really advanced AI digital superintelligence I would. It doesn’t seem like that is realistic so xAI is essentially going to build an AI. In a good way, sort of hopefully.

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