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Vaccinating young people against COVID benefits overall community, says Professor Karim

Infectious disease specialist professor Salim Abdool Karim said vaccinating young people held overall community benefit.

Karim addressed the issue during panel discussion hosted by the Academy of Science of South Africa-themed Debunking Myths and Misconceptions about COVID-19 on Friday.

Vaccinations opened this week in South Africa for children between 12-and 17-years old.

Medical experts discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic played out over nearly two years.

On teenage coronavirus inoculation, Karim said vaccinating the group did not only have individual benefits, but also sets out to reduce the risk of infection.

Karim stressed the focus should still be on improving COVID-19 vaccine coverage in the 60-year and older cohort.

More than 88,800 people have succumbed to the disease in South Africa since the start of the pandemic.


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