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Woman snatches her best friend’s man after she revealed how good he is in bed

Disebo Mohlouoa

Disebo Mohlouoa used to boast to her friend about how good her man was in bed.

But she now regrets it as her friend couldn’t resist him and started sleeping with her man.

The 45-year-old from Caleb Motshabi in Mangaung, Free State, said she wanted to warn other women never to reveal their bedroom secrets to their friends, no matter how much they trusted them.

Disebo said her friend Nthabeleng Sutha (37) used to ask her how her boyfriend, who she started dating in 2006, was in bed. But she didn’t realise sharing that he was a tiger in bed would lead to her lover (44) leaving her. She said in March, he went to live with Nthabeleng.

“I used to tell her how good and caring my man was, but now I regret it.

My man left in March, saying he was visiting his family and would be back after the Easter holidays,” Disebo revealed.

When he didn’t show up, I called him. He said he was stuck there because of lockdown. “I was shocked when I later heard he had been staying with Nthabeleng. She used to come and ask where he was.

The SunTeam called the ex-boyfriend, but his phone was on voicemail.

Nthabeleng said he wasn’t home as he was working in Lesotho. “I was never Disebo’s friend. We just lived on the same street. I didn’t go to her man. He came to me. I’ve been trying to tell her she must not confront me, but him. I will expose everything she has been doing. Life was not good for her ex-boyfriend when he was with her.

“I’ve been with her man for two years and I’ve proven to be the better woman. I don’t need Disebo’s approval because she is not my mum. She doesn’t have a ring or a donkey to prove marriage,” she said.

-Daily Sun

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