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Gogo Maweni shows off her Snakes – Video

Mzansi’s very own celebrity sangoma Gogo Maweni is not afraid to speak her mind, sometimes causing quite a stir. We all know she owns a lot of Snakes and all kinds of them and she is not afraid to tell her fans about how she keeps her snakes and feeds them. 

Gogo Maweni

The sangoma was open about her love for the pets she owns, and how she keeps them in her house. She also admitted that she owns the weirdest and most bizarre animals. The sangoma is not afraid of showing off her love for her unusual pets and she often shares photos of herself with either one of her snakes around her neck.

Gogo Maweni

I love animals, most importantly. I always say, people usually get me wrong when I say that I respect animals more than I respect people.

It’s because animals will never hurt you (intentionally) but humans will and that’s the truth. Animals will not disrespect you or do anything to hurt you … instead, they are very afraid of humans, more than humans are afraid of them,” she explained.

In other news – Photos: Actress Buhle Samuels is back with a bang

One of our favourite South African actresses, beautiful Buhle Samuels is back and with a bang for sure! It has been a while since she shared something mouth-watering like she usually does and truly speaking, we had missed her stunning looks.

Buhle Samuels

Well, Buhle is best known for her role on Muvhango where she played the role of Matshidiso, she is a well-rounded entertainer who balances her career as an actress, a musician, a dancer, and a model.  Learn more