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Gogo Maweni called a fake sangoma

Thuli Mfeka called the popular traditional healer Gogo Maweni a “fake” sangoma, who’s been vocal about using muthi on people in several interviews.

Zimoja reveals that Gogo Maweni took to her social media and told Thuli Mfeka to stay away from her after she labelled her a “fake” sangoma.

“I was not going to address this but it is actually very funny that a whole human being that was birthed, that was pushed out by its mother has the audacity to create a fake account to tarnish the names of the healers in South Africa. Firstly mind you why don’t you have the balls to create an account with your real name and real pictures?

Gogo Maweni

“I was never born into poverty. I knew there was Louis Vuitton and Gucci before I became a healer. I knew how champagne tasted like before I became a healer. You have so much time, you have nothing else to do but to sit and think about something nasty to say about the famous South African healers. I’m so perplexed because I traveled the world before you even thought about it, I’ve sat in the most expensive cars, I grew up in a big house, I was never brought up in poverty,” said Maweni.

The publication adds that Mfeka previously criticized Gogo Skhotheni, Dr Mabalengwe, and Dr Khehlelezi to mention a few.

Maweni reportedly added that Mfeka was crazy to make those fake remarks as she’s always a high standard of life.

“I never became who I am because I am a healer. I have always lived a high standard of life. I am surprised that somebody feels that somehow we are manipulating people to buy expensive clothes, drinks, and cars. I was never brought up in poverty and I have never suffered in my life so don’t talk sh*t about me.”

According to Zimoja Mfeka responded to Maweni’s statement by saying:

“Dr. G MaweniI …my account isn’t fake. A whole “gifted” person couldn’t decipher that? Stop making empty threats, you don’t scare me with your fake calling. Your threats are as fake as that accent and that filter you use. You don’t bother me, uqinisile ke lapho but you are taking advantage of people’s misery and I won’t let you. I will be awaiting your retaliation. I await your retaliation gogo wabo.”

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