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Zanu-PF official evicts widow to pave way for girlfriend

A Bindura widow has accused the Minister of State of Mashonaland Central advocate Martin Tafara Dinha of instigating her eviction from a property to pave way for his girlfriend.

Mildred Dendamera alleges ownership of house number 2777 Eldrom in Bindura was unlawfully transferred in favour of Edina Chimbambo with the help of Dinha sometime in 2006 after the death of her husband.
Dandamera was eventually evicted on 6 February this year.

“The Minister of State took my house and gave it to her girlfriend using his political muscle we tried to fight the eviction but lawyers are demanding a lot of money and I am just a poor widow with six grandchildren to look after,” lamented Dandamera Bindura ward six councillor Shynet Chindendere confirmed the case saying she tried to engage the housing department who failed to assist in saying the case was very political.

Mildred Dendamera

“I was the first person to arrive on the scene when the widow was being evicted and had to contact the housing department who failed to give a satisfactory answer saying the order came from a higher office,” she said.

Chindendere further alleged that Dinha is abusing many widows around Bindura by taking away their stands and giving his girlfriends.

“We are appealing to the government to assist widows around Bindura who, are being abused by Dinha, I receive so many reports like this one here in Bindura on gender-based issues.” Contacted for comment Dinha did not pick up his mobile phone up to the time of this print. Apparently, Dandamera is renting a one-roomed house with her six grandchildren in Bindura and is claiming that she lost a lot of property during her eviction.

Source: Bulawayonews


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