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Gash1’s heart-warming letter to his wife Thato Mthombeni

Gash1 and Thato Mthombeni, the Big Brother Mzansi season 3 contestants are serving couple goals on the timeline.

The two stars started dating days before Thato was evicted from the Big Brother house while Gash1 continued in the competition, ending as the first runner-up to Mpho Wabadimo who won the R2m grand prize.

After reuniting outside the competition, Thato and Gash1 picked up where they left off, sealing the deal. They have been dubbed “Tash1″, which is a combination of their names.

Gash1 and Thato Mthombeni

Gash1 took to his timeline on Wednesday, penning a heartfelt message to his partner, gushing over her.

God provides us with what we need most in life. Have you ever wondered what you would ask for? What do your prayers look like? For me, my prayers are always by my side, and in my heart, they glisten like a true dime,” he wrote.

I never thought I would fall in love like this! How does one cope when you have such a wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent wife? I will forever be by your side, my wife. Daddy loves you! I love you my baby to the soles of my feet.”

Gash1 and Thato Mthombeni

Metro FM presenter Thato took to the comments responding to his message.

I melted exactly at ‘my prayers are always by my side’. How does one cope? You’ve been doing amazing at loving and taking [care] of me for the past two years, so you are doing just fine. Thank you, my love. I love you so much, my Gashbox.”


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