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3 tips on how to avoid gaining weight this winter


They call this the season of cheating. A season when we cheat on our healthy habits. And as for the other cheating, allow me to plead the fifth.

While winter admittedly is an unbearable season, it’s also a season where we often gain a lot of weight.

This is because the cold weather brings about a lot of laziness and complacency, allowing us to gain those extra kilos come #summerbodies.

According to many health magazines, these are the most popular ways of not gaining weight this winter:

1. Cook At Home More Often

Rather than getting takeaways every night, focus on home cooking. This way you can see exactly what goes into your food, are able to make healthier choices and can control portion sizes. According to food expert Zoe Bingley-Pullin, when one cooks more they can be in control of their food.

2. Up Your Protein and Keep Carbs Under Control

During the cooler months we turn to comfort foods, which usually come in the form of hot carbs. However, eating too many carbohydrates combined with little exercise can result in weight gain. To maintain macronutrient balance, increase your lean protein.

3. Move Your Body

It’s hard to go out into the cold and go for a run, but there are countless other ways to exercise and move your body in comfort. Try yoga at home in your pyjamas, pilates in front of the heater, a swim in an indoor heated pool, or a treadmill run in a temperature-controlled gym.

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