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From Chubby Kid to Hottest Fitness Bae, Ophela Mhlauli

Ophela Mhlauli was a chubby kid growing up but after deciding to take a break from eating meat her body her weight-loss journey took a welcomed turn. This is her story.

“As a kid I was very chubby and I always felt uncomfortable, so I started googling weight loss diets and to be honest, they made me feel sick and grumpy.

The first time I tried losing weight, it took me six months to a year but I gained some of the weight back but this time around it took me two months.

Ophela Mhlauli
Can you believe it???!!😂😂🙈 Oh god where do I even start 🙆🏼 it’s been a journey and a half 😌 I honestly never thought I’d post a TB picture of “fat Ophela”🙈 but I woke up in a very good mood today 🍾I was so insecure about my weight so I never took a lot of pictures🙅🏼 I looked like I was pregnant with twins 😩 let’s not even discuss those sun glasses 😱. I won’t lie it wasn’t easy💁🏻 I remember when I started with this weight loss and gym life, I stopped eating meat for 3 months😂😂 and when my mom cooked meat I’d go hide in my room until everyone finished eating😂 and you know it worked 💪🏻 Anyway my motto throughout has been ” if you don’t like it, change it” so I changed everything I didn’t like about myself and now I feel like I’m the happiest girl in the world 😅❤️ #fitgirls #healthylifestyle #herbybaby #noquitters #transformation #muscles #happygirl #lifestyle #aromatherapy #neverdone #itsnotoveryet #herbalife #fitnessmotivation #loveyourself #africa #afrogirlfitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessaddict

I decided to cut out meat for a good three months after I discovered an online article that spoke about eating for your blood type. After doing thorough research I found out that meat actually made my blood type gain an excess amount of weight – so I decide to cut out meat and it actually worked.

It was something really tough for me to do because growing up in an African family, meat was always included in every meal, so whenever my mom would cook meat and I would just go and hide in my room until they were done eating.

At some point, my mom thought I was going crazy and I did not need to diet because I already had the perfect body but that’s how most parents try to comfort their children. Even my uncle used to tease me, he’d always tell the family that he saw me at midnight drinking all the gravy.

Second bootcamp LOADING 😃 
This Saturday(13 October) at the westcliff stairs,Johannesburg.
Time: 06:30am

I feel like to this day I influenced my mother to buy healthier groceries because from then until today my mom buys healthier food for the house and eats healthy.

On the bright side, I did lose a bit of the weight but I later realized that I was punishing my body and there was more to this than just losing weight so I started eating healthier foods that included meat and hitting the gym harder than before.

The moment I started seeing my body transform into the shape I have always dreamed of – that moment was breathtaking for me and seeing people’s reaction to my work brought light and more meaning in my life. I obtained the body I always wanted but that does not mean that I rest because I believe that I can do much more and help people all around the world while I’m at it. I have something to look forward to every day.

At the age of 21, I have since launched my own health and gym plan known as the Fitophela 30 day challengethis program is aimed at helping everyone around the world, male or female to get into the habit of advancing into a healthy and active lifestyle.

This is not some lose weight quick scheme but a way of adapting into a healthier lifestyle, it also strives to people their confidence back and always be comfortable in their own body.”

Be sure to check out her website to keep up to date with tips and info on how to lose weight.

Source: W24

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