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Freelance Writer urgently wanted: APPLY HERE

Commercial Underwriter

Freelance Writer urgently wanted: APPLY HERE

Johannesburg, Gauteng

The Features Media Network is in search of talented Writers.

Are you a talented writer with a passion for your craft?
Do you like to write and compile stories and articles?
Do you like photography?
Do you like to travel?
Are you active on social media?
Are you a goal-orientated, well-spoken, ambitious and dynamic person?
Are you competitive and want to excel and develop in your field?
Do you want to devote time writing features for publication?
Earn Extra Money as a Content Contributor for Features Media Network

Features Media Network (Features) is a new Premium Content online platform that requires talented Writers to register as Content Contributors.

The Writer is required to compile features for the platform. Each feature is a short article, accompanied by a set of professional photographs – to add a video to a feature is also possible.

Content Contributors who compile articles with a set of photographs are WP Reporters and there is another category for those who want to shoot video as well (WPV Reporters.) A WPV Reporter compiles features which comprise an article, a set of photographs and a short video.


The Features platform has a variety of Channels, each with a different category of content required. The Channels include: Travel, History, Nature, People and more.

Features Media Network pays between $100 and $500 for top content if a feature is selected as Feature of the Week. Being a registered Content Contributor also rewards with publicity that could boost your career.

Becoming a Features Content Contributor is a challenging opportunity to earn extra money and ideal for a person who wants to get involved on a part time basis, and who likes to work in their own space. Bear in mind that being a Content Contributor could become an attractive source of income if you are accepted as Official FMN Contributor if you meet the criteria.

Requirements (other than those stated above):

Proficient photographer and experienced or aspiring writer.
Your own photographic equipment and work space.
Your own computer, editing software and an internet connection.
Have an excellent command of English.
Travel from time to time.


Compile features for the Features Media Network as WP or WPV Reporter on a part time basis.
Promote your approved and published features on social media and by word-of-mouth.
Grow your online presence by promoting and developing your Features Contributor Profile.

Job Type: Part-time. Apply Now

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