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Fitness Bae Ophela Mhlauli – Take it slow, day by day and stay POSITIVE

Ophela Mhlauli
📸: @gillygilmohr Swimsuit @mayluxe_swimwear

Fitness Bae Ophela Mhlauli – Take it slow, day by day and stay POSITIVE. Everyone has that need to stay fit and healthy but it is different for everyone.

Your journey to fitness and a healthy body is not the same as mine and Fitness Hottie Ophela Mhlauli is urging everyone to stay POSITIVE in that regard. She has been sharing her fitness journey on social media and we have to say we are very much impressed with what she has achieved so far as far as personal improvement is concerned. Remember she said she was a chubby kid and now she is very much in shape.

Ophela Mhlauli
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The Fit Ophela hottie shared an amazing picture on Instagram and had this to say… “Healthy looks different on everybody and mental health is just as important as physical health🙏🏼. So if you’re constantly weighing yourself, stressing over the scale, counting every calorie and putting yourself down for not being where you want to be, just remember: that in itself is not healthy for your mind and what happens when you stress out too much? It takes a toll on your body too. Take it slow, day by day and stay POSITIVE‼️”

Ophela Mhlauli

In short, Ophela Mhlauli is saying stressing is not good for your body as well, so we got to stay positive and focused until we achieve our goals. I hope I said it the right way, if not I am sure I am not far off.

We love it when these trained professionals take some time out to educate us on how to stay in shape as they let their journeys to fitness inspire us. I am certainly inspired by Ophela Mhlauli and I hope you are too, just remember to stay positive and focused. But before we go, a few more pictures of the beautiful fitness bae.

Ophela Mhlauli
Dinner is ready 😊🥘 🥗 .
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The next picture had an amazing caption or rather inspiring… She said: “If you’re going through hell, keep going! As long as you keep going you’ll get better, you gain more confidence and that alone is SUCCESS 🌼🏋🏽‍♀️”

Ophela Mhlauli
📸: @gillygilmohr
Swimsuit @mayluxe_swimwear

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Fit Ophela
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Be fit and stay healthy, remember to be positive every step of the way.