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Eskom operations must be fixed: Pravin Gordhan

Pravin Gordhan and Cyril Ramaphosa

Public Enterprise Minister Pravin Gordhan says that the most important thing to do at Eskom is to fix operational issues within the power utility. Load-shedding is likely to continue for the next 18-months as the utility implements critical maintenance.

“The operations of Eskom must be the sole focus at the moment so that we get inefficiencies out, get people with the wrong skills out, get people with the right skills in the right operational areas,” Gordhan said.


“Improve the efficiency of the plant, ensure that when maintenance is done it lasts. Ministers don’t interfere we check the micro details to underway whether the fix is actually the fix so we now have data that shows that contracts that show they do a half-baked job. That’s the focus of the CEO and the board now is to fix the operations. Review coal and IPP contracts. If you do that properly for the next three to four months, we’ll be saving a lot of money for the state.

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