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NPC: SA not on the right path for employment creation

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The National Planning Commission (NPC) said that there were several trends indicating that South Africa was not on the right path in terms of employment creation.

This despite many plans and initiatives over the years aimed at creating millions of jobs as the unemployment rate exceeds the dreaded 40% mark.

The commission held a webinar on Thursday, reflecting on some of the work contained in its economic progress review report which was released last month.

The NPC is behind the realization of the national development plan, with targets of dealing with unemployment, among others, by 2030.

In the report, the commission noted four worrying trends which it said indicate that the country had not done the work required to deal with the unemployment challenge.

It called on the state to play a pivotal role in ensuring that infrastructure was oriented for employment and not commodities was is currently the case.

The commission’s Miriam Altman said: “What we worry about in the National Planning Commission’s plan is firstly, where are we, but more importantly, is there an indication that maybe things could get better. Sometimes things get worse before they get better.”

The commission also mentioned that while it hoped the two million jobs lost last year would be recouped, it was not sure when.

Two and a half million jobs were created in the past nineteen years.


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