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‘John Vuli Gate’ girl fired over her photos with actor Wiseman Mncube from Uzalo

When 19-year-old Arianna Katt set out to do the John Vuli Gate dance-off with her friends, she had no idea she would get the attention of the whole nation.

Arianna Katt has become an overnight sensation, making the headlines from time to time, for one thing or another.

Arianna Katt and Wiseman Mncube

She has gained near influencer status with John Vuli Gate, such that she has begun rubbing shoulders with some of Mzansi’s celebs.

Arianna Katt and Wiseman Mncube

However fame also comes with a heavy price, baby girl has also become the target of cyberbullying and constant attacks from keyboard warriors.

Arianna Katt and Wiseman Mncube

Arianna Katt recently posted pictures of herself with her friend and actor Wiseman Mncube, who is well known for his role on Uzalo as Sbonelo, Nkunzi’s son.

Arianna Katt and Wiseman Mncube

Some tweeps were quick to assume that the picture was taken in a club and pointed out that Arianna Katt is only 19 years old, therefore she’s still illegal to enter a club.

Meanwhile, some attacked her for wearing the same outfit over and over again saying she should drop it.

Here are some of the comments:

However, some people had positive things to say to her and encouraged her to keep doing her thing.

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