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Gauteng senior cop Elias Mawela heading to Freedom Park after 5 men murdered

As police investigations continue into the mysterious murders of five men in Freedom Park, Gauteng Police Commissioner Elias Mawela is expected to visit the area on Thursday morning.

The bodies were discovered with gunshot wounds beside the Golden Highway on Wednesday near an informal settlement called Lapland.

The Eldorado Park area remains tense after the discovery of five bodies on Wednesday along the Golden Highway.

This incident follows an attack at the Pikitup dumping site nearby that left five security guards dead and two others injured.

Residents believe that Wednesday’s killings were linked to copper cable theft as one of the accused was found with a shovel.

Gauteng Provincial Police Commissioner Elias Mawela, together with police senior management, will lead Operation O Kea Molao in Eldorado Park and Kliptown.

This will be to assist local police stations in clamping down on crime.


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