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DJ Tira finally dropped Thank You Mr DJ video and fans love it

DJ Tira

Just in time for the weekend, DJ Tira has announced that the video for his popular track, ‘Thank You Mr DJ’ has finally dropped. His fans are super impressed and are happy to enjoy weekend vibes with it.

DJ Tira
DJ Tira may have been hit by a bad experience (that time when he was hit by a bottle, mos) but that’s not stopping him from being an awesome DJ. He announced that the video for his hit track Thank You Mr DJ has been dropped on YouTube and his fans are going crazy over it. The boujee car-lover is once again giving his fans exactly what they have come to expect from their fav DJ.

DJ Tira turns up the heat

Taking to social media, Tira excitedly shared the news with his followers, who have been waiting for this very news.

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