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Easy Way to Grill Fish Perfectly

Grilling seafood can be a little daunting given that they easily stick which ruins your chance of serving it elegantly. The delicate structure of the fish makes it difficult to maneuver it on the grill perfectly. However, difficult doesn’t mean impossible, there are ways to help you make that pristine grilled fish you can be proud of. It will take you a couple of tries but you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

1. Skin of the Fish

If you’re baking the fish, then it’s fine to remove the skin, but if you’re planning to grill it in the open heat then it’s advisable to keep the skin on. This prevents the meat from falling apart when you’re flipping the fish. Some types of fish, when grilled with their skins on, will turn out even better. For example, the trout and mackerel have thin skin, which turns deliciously crispy when grilled. It is also advisable that you grill the fish with the skin facing down because it has more integrity and it’ll be easier to separate it from the grate. 

2. The Grill is a Big Factor

When grilling fish it is best to set your grill to medium heat. This creates the right conditions to cook the meat fast without leaving them to dry out. So it’s important that you use the right grill that allows you to control the temperature. There are a lot of grills out in the market today, and for a novice grill master, it’s crucial that you find the right bbq grill shop to purchase your equipment from, to guarantee that you get value for your money. It is also important to read up on reviews, it helps you decide whether a gas grill or an electric grill is right one for you. Don’t forget all the other accessories you will need to complete your whole grilling experience.

3. Clean the Grate

A dirty grate covered in charred food will affect the food’s taste. It will also make the food you’re going to grill stick to the grate when heated. You can use a bristled wire or brush to clean the grate with water or with any other cleaning solutions.

4. Brush the Oil

Apply oil both on the grate and on the fish. You can use a brush to apply the oil on both parts. Make sure you preheat the grate before you apply the oil. Also, use oil that has a high smoking point such as canola or corn oil.

5. Use a Foil, Grill Plank or Fish Basket

This is better than directly placing the fish onto the grate. When using foil, you can apply it to one side of the fish and place that directly onto the grill while the uncovered and oiled side facing up. For grill planks, you can pre-soak it in water for two hours and place the fillet over the plank and cover the grill. You don’t need to flip the fish and just adjust the plank to where there is enough heat. As for a fish basket, you can cut the fish into cubes, skewer it, place it in the basket and place that over the grill.

You can try a variety of ways to grill fish and you’ll pick up a lot of things which will help you create the perfect way to do it. Having options is always best as with anything else in life. Learning is also a process that doesn’t happen overnight. The tips above are there to guide you to achieve the easiest way of grilling your seafood but it shouldn’t restrict your creativity when it comes to preparing your own food.

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