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It’s not about s.e.x – Here’s the real reason why Zodwa Wabantu left Durban for Joburg

Entertainer and media personality Zodwa Wabantu has revealed why she moved from Durban to Joburg.

In a video clip, she said she moved because she follows money.

In a video clip, which was shared by a Durban-based DJ Junior De Rocka, she said: “I’m no longer in Durban and it’s not because I was s.e.xually starved or having too much s.e.x. I relocated to Joburg because I follow money, just show me the money then I’ll follow. There can never be too much s.e.x for me and I’ll never run away from it. In fact, I still have my house in KZN and I can go there any time I want.”

She revealed that in Joburg she is never s.e.xually starved.

“Here in Johannesburg I’m never s.e.xually starved and there are no strings attached. It’s not for money because I’m the one who spends. It’s not about money it’s just for fun,” she said.

But Junior De Rocka’s Instagram fans warned him that he must not make the mistake of sleeping with her because she will kiss and tell.

Rudzani said: “Be careful because Zodwa has no secrets. She kisses and tell.”

Tenstyle said: “She’ll tell everyone if you didn’t do a good job.”

Nompumelelo Mabanga commented: “No one will ever be like Zodwa. She’s the last woman standing.”


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