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Drama as SEMI-N@KED woman causes stir at Macheso’s show

There was drama at  Alick Macheso’s family show in Mbare, Harare on Sunday after a semi-naked woman stormed the stage to showcase her dancing skills.

The bulky woman could not resist Macheso’s wires as she joined the band on stage at Zebra Village before she was whisked away by one of Macheso’s band members, Zhillie.

In an interview with NewsDay Life &Style on the sidelines of the show, Macheso’s chanter Jonas Kasamba said the band was not in the business of promoting immorality.


“As Orchestra Mberikwazvo, we do not promote immorality neither do we allow nudity on the stage,” he said.

At the show, Macheso introduced a new dance called kedebu kagumbo.

“We always give our supporters the very best. The kedebu kagumbo dance has been introduced today (Sunday) and it is to accompany our recently released album Dzinosvitsa Kure,” Kasamba said.

While the album was launched last year, Kasamba said they took their time to come up with the well-choreographed dance that is appropriate to all age groups as they did not want unethical dances on the stage.

“The band took time to find a decent dance that is not offensive and a dance which can be accepted by all age groups. We should not be seen as promoting immorality, so we are teaching all those in the industry to follow our path. We do not talk about them, but they talk of us,” he said.

Several children were accorded the chance to showcase their dancing skills on the stage, with the dances mesmerising the revellers as Macheso strummed his guitar.

Source: Mbare Times