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DJ Sox praises Tira

DJ Tira

DJ Sox explained that he’s never had a problem with Tira being at the forefront of the group and eventually becoming the face of their dance duo.

In every duo, the secret to success often lies in recognising the strengths and weaknesses of all parties and knowing what to do with them. And that is exactly how DJ Sox dismisses claims that DJ Tira wants to “hog” the spotlight when they work together on Durban’s Finest.

DJ Sox

“As we were getting more and more famous, I opened up my company, which is still thriving and Tira went on to start Afrotainment. I was always switching between being a DJ and being a businessman, with the latter being more of a priority for me. That is who I am, but the music will never stop.”

The DJ explained why he was never offended by Tira’s fame because he knows that Tira works hard and deserves it.

“DJ Tira and DJ Sox are two different people. Tira is the upfront guy; it was always his role to shine. He’s a natural born marketer and that is who he is. I have always been more in my element behind the scenes, that’s why we made a great team.”

DJ Tira

Sox explained that he and Tira are also friends outside of their business ventures together and they would never let their solo adventures cause a rift between them.

“I met DJ Tira back in 2001. We kind of just blew up. You have to understand that we got really popular in Durban first. We had no help. It was just us. For a long time, our parties were the thing that catapulted us.”

Sox said he and Tira became very valuable to the bigger DJs because they had the connections and the fan base. It wasn’t long until they had relationships with people like DJ Fresh, Glen Lewis and Oskido.

Those relationships would later help them when they took over the national spotlight and became the source of all the summer jams.

“We decided that we will take time in between releasing music together so that our solo projects don’t suffer and it works for us. People can expect more music and it’s going to take over as usual.”

Source: Times Live