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DJ Shimza opens up about his romance with K Naomi

K Naomi and DJ Shimz

It has been nearly a year since K Naomi lifted the lid on her romance with DJ Shimza and their split, and the DJ has opened up about the relationship. Shimza was a guest on MacG’s Podcast series Podcast and Chill with MacG recently, where he was asked about the romance.

K Naomi

Shimza revealed that the pair met “two/three years ago” through Instagram. He said it all started when he DM’d her and they started vibing

“I liked her but the situation was not an ideal situation. There was just too many things at the same time.” Shimza said K Naomi wasn’t the only celeb he had dated but wouldn’t spill the tea.

K Naomi

“I don’t want my sh*t to be in public. But with the Naomi thing, it was cool. A lot of people didn’t know we were dating. Most people knew about it when she went on Twitter and started to rant. It was like; ‘Dude, it didn’t work out’.”

Jump to around the 32 min mark in the video below for more of his comments.
Rumours of their relationship started in 2017, but they both denied saying that they were just friends.

In October last year, K Naomi finally confirmed the romance, posting a picture of her with Shimza kissing her on the cheek. She then slammed him for allegedly not making her his world.

“I made you my world and you didn’t get it. Now it’s an issue that I’m living my life without you,” she wrote.

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