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DJ Maphorisa shuts down all hopes of a collabo with Prince Kaybee – ‘he is a small boy’

DJ Maphorisa has shut down all suggestions of ever collaborating with Prince Kaybee โ€” apparently because he believes Kaybee is not in his league.

According to Phori, Prince Kaybee needs to make about 40 hit songs before Maphorisa can even consider working with him.

โ€œHe needs to make at least 40 hits, he is a small boy,โ€ he said.

The request for a collaboration was made by tweeps who reasoned that the two talented music makers needed to put their differences aside for the greater good.

But Maphorisa made it clear that he wasn’t about that life.

Phori also didn’t like the insinuation by some tweeps that he was โ€œjealousโ€ of Prince. So obvs, he took a jab at his music-making skills.

He even suggested that Prince Kaybee’s skills at making cross-over music were questionable.

The pair got into a spicy war of words in February, when Maphorisa made an example about owning the masters to his music, alleging that Prince Kaybee, Lady Zamar and Mafikizolo didn’t.


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