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DJ Maphorisa accused of Exploiting Kabza

Dj Maphorisa

We thought that DJ Maphorisa had settled this matter once and for all but the hitmaker and producer has had to come out and defend himself from Kabza De Small’s fans after being accused of exploiting the Mpumalanga-born DJ.

We should all be talking about the upcoming Return of the Scorpion Kings EP which is set to drop towards the end of November. DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small’s collaborative effort, Scorpion King, has changed the face of Amapiano as a commercial genre in 2019 and it looks as if their follow up will come just in time for the party season.

DJ Maphorisa

However, some of Kabza De Small’s most loyal fans on social media are really not that excited for the duo’s follow up because they feel as if their beloved DJ isn’t getting the credit he deserves.

Kabza is widely hailed as a pioneer of the amapiano movement having shaped the culture in its underground years. As the sound became more mainstream, so did Kabza’s name grow and when DJ Maphorisa decided to try his hand at the genre, he knew there was only one man he would call upon.

Dj Maphorisa

Unfortunately, many people feel as if Maphorisa is not only receiving the lion’s share of the credit, but that he is stealing Kabza’s shine. The discussion was rumbling on social media (not for the first time this year by the way) as fans claimed that Maphorisa was getting recognition for others’ hard work: DJ Maphorisa couldn’t sit back and watch his name being dragged through the mud without saying something.



Despite this, the streets are still torn over which side of this argument to take but you already know whose opinion we are most interest in: YOURS, ZAlebs readers! Is DJ Maphorisa appropriating amapiano?

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