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Health and fitness tips from Mzansi celebs over 40

Connie Ferguson

When it comes to health and fitness, your age can pose a few challenges
Younger women usually have faster metabolisms than their older counterparts, which means losing weight is sometimes easier for them.

Kgomotso Christopher

But stars like Unathi and Connie Ferguson are proof that with the right eating plan, workout routine and attitude, you can be in the best shape of your life in your 40s. Here’s a look at how these local celebrities over 40 stay fit and healthy

Unathi: Be consistent
It’s hard to believe that Unathi once weighed 98 kilograms! The Idols SA judge started her fitness journey in 2013 and has never looked back. She went from wearing a size 40 to 33 in four years. She would sometimes drag herself out of bed on cold winter mornings just to make sure she gets her daily gym workout.

Unathi Nkayi

She regularly runs 6km, burns a sweat during intense cardio workouts and eats clean. For Unathi, it is all about being consistency and setting goals.

Connie Ferguson: Workout with friends
Embarking on a new fitness or healthy eating plan can be daunting, especially when doing it alone. It’s easier to fall off the wagon when you only have yourself to hold you accountable. Working out with friends is a good way to stay motivated.

Connie Ferguson

Connie Ferguson has her own fitness tribe. Her group of friends regularly workout together. She calls them her “fitness queens”

Bonnie Mbuli’s secret to healthy skin: Always wear sunscreen
Bonnie turned 40 in 2019 and looks better than ever. She credits healthy skin for her youthful looks.

 Bonnie Mbuli

I have a three-step programme where I first cleanse my skin, then put on a moisturiser and then sunscreen.

Kgomotso Christopher: Invest in a trainer
While many women are trying to lose weight, Kgomotso Christopher has the opposite problem. The actress has a fast metabolism and has even been accused of having an eating disorder.

Kgomotso Christopher

I have had to live being called all sorts of names all my life because of my weight. I lose weight uncontrollably even though I have a huge appetite. The more I eat the more I disappear,” she told the Sowetan in an interview. She does resistance training (weightlifting) to help her gain muscle.

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Boity Thulo

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