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DJ Black Coffee makes music to create memories

DJ Black Coffee

DJ Black Coffee has been the man behind many memorable hits and feels fulfilled as his music has helped many people create wonderful memories. In a video shared on Instagram, Black Coffee explained that his music was the reason some people were a couple today.

DJ Black Coffee

Some people met on the dance floor on my sets and when I meet them I find out that they are a couple and have a baby. They are like ‘we met when you played Superman, now we are together for like four or five years.

DJ Black Coffee

While going back in time, Black Coffee said that one of his most memorable moments was when a woman wrote a letter to him about her horrific experience of being stuck during a volcano eruption scare in San Martin.

DJ Black Coffee

“The only place she could sit and find shelter was in her car. She told me that by chance Turn Me On was the only song she could listen to. That is what she listened to … it really kept her going. The world class DJ explained that when he made music, he looked for meaning and to make tracks that will speak to the person listening. When I make music I want to talk to someone, I want to make bring meaning to a song.

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