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DJ Black Coffee still feels awkward about photoshoots

DJ Black Coffee

After decades of being in the spotlight, DJ Black Coffee still feels awkward when he’s put in front of the lens. In a video on Instagram, Black Coffee gave fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of his photoshoot for British electronic dance and clubbing magazine Mix Mag. I don’t like photoshoots … I get very awkward and never know what to do with myself.

DJ Black Coffee


He also spoke about the magazine, which showcases African talent, such as producers and DJs. The concept is a breath of something cool and real. I am just shocked that I am going to be on the cover of Mix Mag.” He added that he learns a lot from the people he’s surrounded by.

DJ Black Coffee


“For me to be surrounded by such amazing talent is a big thing, because I also learn a lot from them. I mean, I listen to their songs and I am like, wow, it’s so amazing how talented these guys are, all of them.

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