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Mzansi embarrassed for Muvhango actor Dingaan Khumalo

Dingaan Khumalo, better known as James Motsamai in the hit soapie Muvhango, recently decided to reinvent himself. He is shedding the image he has cultivated by playing James for 18 years, and will be trying his hand at music.

The actor announced a while back that he would be venturing into Amapiano. He was proud of his decision to make the transition, and while he would always be an actor, he was ready to explore more entertainment avenues available to him.

Dingaan released his debut single Gabadiya in December 2020, but so far, it seems like he is not getting the reception he would have hoped for.

He also recently debuted the single on Homeground. As a clip from the debuted hit social media, it immediately sent tongues wagging, but it was not the praise we would want for him.

The actor has been accused of turning to music because he is undergoing a midlife crisis. This is not the first time that he is being accused of this. He first faced the backlash when he announced the transition, and fans were not impressed by the news.

Speaking to Drum, he promised that it was not a midlife crisis he was going through. He shared that he was raised in a musical family, and as such, has always had an interest in music.

He said he used to be in a choir, and was in an R&B group in high school, but he decided to try out a different genre. He said this was his opportunity to show Mzansi that he can sing, and promised that 2022 would be his year. He intends to be one of Mzansi’s biggest acts by April.

Well, it’s now three months to April, and it does not look like Dingaan is on track to be one of the biggest artists. In fact, his video was received with a lot of criticism. Some tweeps even feel like they got secondhand embarrassment from watching the video, and have been asking him to go back to acting instead. That, at least, they already know he is good.

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