Did you know your Pen!s size grows bigger in summer? – Here is what happens

We have heard of summer bodies and summer holidays, but have you heard of a summer 4-5?

The term “summer pen!s” was made famous by Tracy Moore in Mel Magazine, where she described it as men’s genitals appearing slightly larger, or fuller, in warmer weather. And when the condition first came to light on social media, it wasn’t just online exaggerations about 4-5 size, as there is medical proof that the summer 4-5 is real.

Doctors say sweating and drinking more liquids in hotter weather makes our organs seem bloated, including s.e.xual organs like the 4-5. The body also naturally swells in the summer due to accumulating fluid known as edema.

Experts explain that summer heat causes the salt and water inside the 4-5 to run off, so the body sends water back to the 4-5, but it overcompensated, causing the 4-5 to swell as fluid fills the spaces in between cells.

This is similar to when our hands and feet swell up after hiking or exercising in summer.

So, basically a well-hydrated 4-5 makes it appear a little bit larger than usual. But who’s complaining?

-Daily Sun

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