Pearl Thusi puts Mfundi Vundla on blast during Tyler Perry debate

Local actress Pearl Thusi had some choice words regarding Mfundi Vundla on Tuesday. Tyler Perry dominated the trending list on Tuesday after he posted a video of scripts from his shows proudly boasting that he doesn’t have a writers room.

Pearl Thusi

Tweeps were not impressed with his video or the fact that he is the only writer on his shows and movies with many users commenting “it shows” on the post.

The former “Quantico” star also weighed in on the debate and defended Perry. However, she also dragged Vundla in the process.

Mfundi Vundla

She said: “Same people mad at Tyler Perry are watching Generations even though Mfundi Vundla completely disregards artists rights because our industry isn’t regulated.

Leave Tyler Perry alone, acting like y’all care about the arts. Always using powerful ppl as targets for fake woke agenda.”

Thusi is also gearing up for the launch of “Queen Sono” which is the first African produced Netflix original series and is set to drop on February 28.

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Source: IOL

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