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#DateMyFamily: Viewers left speechless after man lies on national TV about ice cream


What is the common thing that almost if not all women have to say about men? Well, we believe that it is most probably lying.

Almost if not all lie a lot. Maybe this is because woman fall in love with their ears hence there is a song by an American artist which says “whisper sweet nothings in my ear.”


Viewers of Date My Family saw this theory of men being liars at first hand on Sunday evening on the reality show.

This was after the young man who had come on to the reality show looking for love made a very rookie mistake.


If you were watching them you will definitely remember the small white lie that he told.

When the first family asked him which ice cream was his favorite he said that it was vanilla but when the last family (the two funny guys) asked him he said that he did not like ice cream.

How?! When he said that he loved vanilla ice cream, so social media reacts to his confusion.

Others say that he made this mistake because those guys were intimidating him, while another said that is how they (men) get their ladies, through lying.

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