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Rosie Motene gives update on her emotional Covid-19 recovery

Rosie Motene

Veteran actress Rosie Motene, who revealed that she had recently tested positive for Covid-19, has opened up about the very emotional aspect of her recovery.

Rosie took to her social media to share a few of the tips that have helped in her journey to recovery and explained the emotional rollercoaster she and her partner found themselves on after testing positive.

“Emotions … process whatever comes your way. We have gone from crying, being bitter and angry to petrified to trying to dance to old R&B. We have not had a fever, we have been checking our temps before we tested and its always been about 34/35 degrees.

“We are feeling better. My cough has decreased and my breathing improved,” she said.

The actress also shared guidelines that were recommended by medical doctors that she felt had been a great help for her.

“(For) tight chest steam twice a day with Vicks and eucalyptus oil. Cover with a heavy blanket for 15 mins. I sleep on my tummy on a pillow, apparently it’s good for the lungs. (Rub) Vicks on back and chest.

“Mobility is important. Last week wasn’t easy but this week I do about 20 minutes of moderate exercise. My partner does a little more as they don’t have a cough or chest tightness. Plus breathing exercise like blowing up a balloon or blowing into water with a straw,” she said.

Here are some of the other tips she gave what has helped her in the process. .

• Only eat warm foods.

• Vitamin C – effervescent plus 3 to 5 oranges a day.

• Vitamin D – we couldn’t find any and I’m fortunate to have a well-lit living room, so I sit in direct sunlight from about 10am to 11am.

• Zinc – we couldn’t find, so we replaced it with food containing high concentrates.

• For headache take Sinutab and for body aches and pains, take Panado sachets and Linctagon.

• Rest, rest and rest!

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