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Actresses Rami Chuene, Rosie Motene & Florence Masebe involved in a FIGHT

It’s no longer just a battle between TV shows and their ratings….now-former soapie actresses Rami Chuene (The Queen ), Rosie Motene (Generations) and Florence Masebe (Muvhango) are taking blows on the Twitter streets too!

But their comments to each other have nothing to do with the shows they’ve worked on, but about their personal lives and what they represent.

Rami, Rosie, and Florence are all strong advocates for s.e.xual abuse and have labelled themselves ‘feminists’ in light of their advocacy work and strong opinions.

Rami Chuene (The Queen ), Rosie Motene (Generations) and Florence Masebe (Muvhango)

But instead of standing together in their like-mindedness, this week the actresses have revealed a nasty exchange over their differences.

It all started earlier this week when Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of s.e.xual assault and rape. Rami and Florence celebrated the verdict and sent a warning to ‘South African Weinsteins’ to take note. However, Rosie responded to their comments with a somewhat shady one of her own.

Rosie – who wrote a book about her own experiences – posted on Facebook; “But when we spoke out in 2018, where were they?”

Both Florence and Rami angrily reacted to her post. Whilst Florence retweeted several tweets from followers who called Rosie out as ‘attention-seeking’, Rami, on the other hand, posted a whole thread slamming her industry colleague over her ‘big ego’.

She tweeted in part; “This is not about publicity nor about who did it first…Rosie is not the #metoo movement’s poster child.

“I wrote a book about my abuse in 2015. And then what? What Rosie has done or doing is to minimize something that could have a lot of people in the industry. Is Rosie’s ego that big? I’m not even going to get into how we supported her when she got assaulted.

Read the full thread below;

Rosie defended her words when she responded; “I’ve never wanted to be bigger than any movement…So @FloMasebe and @ramichuene you can hurl insults and carry on, I will not reply. We will continue the fight, it’s never been a competition”

Tweeps seemed to side with Rami and Florence and took aim at Rosie, letting her know that she was just being “shady”.

We hate to see our leading ladies – or any women for that matter – drag each other down.

Let’s hope they squash their beef and unite for the greater good!

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