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Chymamusique shares good news with his Fans

Chymamusique, a South African DJ and producer known for his contributions to the house music genre, has been active in the music industry, releasing several albums and singles throughout his career. While I don’t have specific information about him releasing a new album this year as of my last update in January 2022, it’s certainly possible that he could have plans to do so.


Musicians often announce album releases closer to the time of launch, and plans may change due to various factors such as production schedules, creative inspiration, and market conditions. Fans of Chymamusique and enthusiasts of house music may want to keep an eye on his social media channels and official announcements for updates on any upcoming album releases.


That’s exciting news for fans of Chymamusique! Announcing a new album indicates that he’s been hard at work on his music and is ready to share his latest creations with the world. Chymamusique’s albums are typically well-received by fans of the house music genre, and his upcoming release is likely to generate anticipation and excitement among his listeners.


As more details about the album, such as its title, tracklist, and release date, become available, fans will undoubtedly be eager to learn more. Following Chymamusique on social media or keeping an eye on music news outlets will be the best way to stay updated on any developments regarding his 2024 album.

In other news – They must extend voting to tomorrow – Sizwe Dhlomo

South African radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo suggests that the election which takes place today be extended till tomorrow.

sizwe dhlomo

There’s been mixed reactions from citizens about the election on social media. Sizwe wrote, “They must extend voting to tomorrow if need be.” However, a majority of people including the EFF party leader disagree with the extension of voting. Read more